Say What???!

Jazz Gangster Machine is a hiphop duo born in Sweden. It is the combination of groovy beats, funky sax tunes, mindfulness and stream-of-consciousness rap. The beats are both electronic and analog, and everything is made to make you moove your hips. Hips don't lie. Shake your money-maker. Moove like your legs crazy. Wheather your a feminine man or just a rambo. Doesn't matter your faith, or who you are, or if you're purple inside or where you park your car. 

New Releases!

 In 2019 we are releasing our new EP "Namaste Madafackers!" and it is made for dancing. If You are a DJ - pls make sure to download our tunes to your playlist on downloads. If you just like listening to good music, click on our latest releases below and enjoy! 

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New Collaborations!

Not have we only worked with the super talanted Brazilian/Swedish/Danish/(?) rapper Janine Felix on our tune "Pepes Revenge". We are now happy to say that the femenist artist and writer Jessica Johansson or @Jessicaritar is the one who has designed our coming EP "Namaste Madafackers!". As a tribute to her wonderful art (www.jessicaritar.se) we will be printing "Namaste Madafackers!" posters that you will be able to pre-order on our website or buy at concerts. Se the poster below!